Fun With Words

Week one assignment for the YeahWrite poetry class, Fun With Words. Poetry is somewhat new to me. I never made it much past Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. Not that I haven't enjoyed some others here and there, but I never sat down and dove into it. My class is starting week four today and it's been a wonderful experience so far.

The first assignment had us categorizing our word pools (our favorite words and phrases) into happy and sad. We then produced a short poem using one of those sets in order to convey intention. My favorite part of this was creating my word pool and then asking other people about their favorite words/phrases. Now I know that my Dad likes rhododendron and my daughter likes "how 'bout dem apples?"

So, what are your favorite words? 

Here is my first stab at poetry since I emo'd out an unrequited love poem in my high school creative writing class.

Low and Slow

of groovy glow.

of cerulian streetcars

Moonlight slicked across

Thanks for reading,